Xxxxxmas greetings from Berlin.

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Has it really been several months since I posted? In my mind plenty of blog posts have been written in the intervening time but I guess the busyness of life and the madness of 2016 all just got in the way. 

It’s been an exciting year for Subgetsowned in both kink-life and the day-to-day. Master M and I are escaping Christmas by travelling to the opposite end of the earth. This is my fifth overseas trip of the year, counting both work and pleasure. I’ve also embarked on a part time PhD and decided on a new job and tree change in the new year. That sadly will mean a return to semi-long distance for us, though thankfully just an hour flight from Sydney instead of 24 hours to New York as we had before.

Berlin hasn’t been a kink extravaganza on this trip. It feels almost sacreligious not to dabble in the city’s renowned kink scene, but we’re only here for a few days as part of a longer European jaunt, everything is shut for Christmas (and the double whammy of Sunday) and I’ve had a dose of flu. Boo.

In the midst of all that’s been going on, Master M and I have continued our kink journey – especially on the cerebral and emotional level of control and submission to his long term plans of moulding me to be the sub he desires.

Here’s to a whole lot of new adventures in 2017!

W/S on the street

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Tonight Master M and I went out for a lovely dinner and a couple of bottles of wine with two other friends. As we were walking home on an inner suburban street, Master paused in a streetlight shadow cast by a tree on the footpath and ordered me to kneel. He needed to pee. I wrapped my lips around his cock and slurped with relish…until he suddenly stopped and zipped up; he’d spotted someone walking up the street. So we carried on walking and passed that person. Once we came to another little dark and discrete (yet totally exposed) spot he finished feeding me the rest of the load of his Masterjuice. It’s still inside me, mingling with my own fluids in my bladder as I am ready to drift off to bed. 

Sweet (wet) dreams!

Life gets in the way sometimes

•06/04/2016 • 1 Comment

This is a quick update post to assure regular readers (and those who stumble across this dark little corner of the interwebs thanks to some Google algorithmic quirk) that I am alive and well but a bit bogged down in the day to day. 

Master M continues to elicit submission, delight and euphoria (and the odd bit of subdrop)from me and he continues to have orgasms in his belly when he sees me squirm in discomfort and anguish.

More to follow soon!

Permeable hard limits

•13/02/2016 • 3 Comments

I’ve come to realise that with persuasion, manipulation, trust, encouragement, persistence and a little dose of Master-voodoo, certain hard limits can be approached, prodded, experimented with and demystified. Playing at the edge of previously totally taboo spaces can also be deeply subby and surprisingly erotic.

A sexy photo

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I saw this on Tumblr and thought it was incredibly hot and erotic. I just had to share.


97% Submissive

•09/01/2016 • 2 Comments

A little while ago I stumbled across

It’s an online test which (surprisingly quite accurately) rates and ranks one’s kink proclivivities. I present to you here the Subgetsowned list of naughty, carnal delights and desires according to the survey.

== Results from ==
97% Submissive
94% Primal (Prey)
92% Rope Bunny
90% Degradee
90% Experimentalist
88% Slave
86% Masochist
84% Non-monogamist
67% Brat
65% Voyeur
62% Exhibitionist
54% Switch
49% Pet
33% Primal (Hunter)
31% Girl/Boy
28% Rigger
28% Owner
27% Dominant
25% Master/Mistress
24% Sadist
22% Degrader
15% Brat Tamer
12% Daddy/Mommy
12% Vanilla
4% Ageplayer
See my results online at

Apart from the fact that an online survey can never really address each and every single kinky quirk any of us may have (what would you call the category for someone who fantasises about drinking wee from a sneaker??), I think this list is a pretty comprehensive assessment of what I’m into. Master M did the survey and, knock me over with a feather, his resuls were beautifully complementary to mine which makes me a very lucky sub and him a proud Master.

One interesting result in this list is my score of 84% for non-monogamist. The first time I did this survey was a couple of weeks ago, a day or so after Master M and I had had a fairly emotionally charged conversation around outside sex and the parameters of our (somewhat) open relationship. At that time, I scored much lower on the non-monogamist scale which goes to show that open relationships are very fluid things and that compersion ebbs and flows. A few of the other items on the list have shifted up or down a few places, but at the end of the day, what all this confirms is that I’m an inherently subby man who likes my Master to do unspeakable and taboo things to my body and my mind. And I own that!

40 items

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usually when things go quiet on the blogging front it’s a sign that life in the offline world is full of excitement and adventure. Such has been the case over the xmas/new year break. I see Christmas as something that just has to be endured, though this Christmas just past had the novelty of experiencing my first family gathering with Master Mike’s clan. I’ve been welcomed into his family with tremendous warmth, though the festivities were a bit loud and overwhelming for this shy, introverted little sub! (We are looking into cheap business class flights to Europe for December 2016 to avoid next Christmas…)

Our new year holiday to the magical Northern Rivers of New South Wales was transformative. We had an incredible week of closeness and connection and intimacy. It’s timing couldn’t have been better.

And so to 2016…the year I turn 40.  I have no doubt that plenty of adventures await: in kink and in muggle life. One intention for the year is to make a list of 40 things I want to do by year-end. I’m sure a few of them will involve sex and submission. And I’m sure those stories will be told on these pages!

My first BDSM Play Party

•29/11/2015 • 13 Comments

Last weekend a good friend and BDSM “big brother” and mentor and I were talking about some recent play parties that he’d been to. Let’s call this very experienced dom-top Master D.  Master D went on to mention an upcoming play party. As well as inviting Master M and I to join him at the party, he offered to hold our hands and introduce us to the world of queer, kinky play parties. That was an invitation too good to refuse! He also went on to offer to be a play mate and co-conspiritor with Master M. So they had a bit of messaging back and forth during the week as ideas for a possible scene took shape. I was consulted where necessary to check in on boundaries and limits. Apart from that I didn’t really know what to expect  what might take place at a play party (presumably lots of spanking, whacking, flogging and impact play – sex too?) I also had no idea what might take place to me.  Continue reading ‘My first BDSM Play Party’

We were soooo close

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I’ve been chaste for the best part of a week. (After a weekend of orders of four wanks a day…).  Last night Master M was stroking and tugging me and getting me all horned up. That horn hasn’t subsided and has stayed with me all day. I was distracted at work and then swam ten laps more than usual at the pool this evening, in the rain. Tonight was supposed to be a day of release. But then plans changed. Chastity is back on for another week, unless I arrange a hookup with someone else that Master M gets to watch…so once again, we’re back to what we’ve called the RCC scene: Reverse cuckold-chastity. So even though if I go through with it, I’d be the one who is quote “unfaithful”, it still somehow feels like I’m also the one who will suffer the kind of discomfort that the “cheated” or cuckolded partner would normally feel. 

Such is the topsyturvy world of an owned sub. 
**Edit**  a couple of hours after posting this entry, as we were in bed and snuggling, Master M chuckled and said he was just joking about reinstating the reverse cuckold scene and said I could have the tug I’d so been looking forward to. Though there may not be another one for the next week, so heightened horn is how the week will pan out.

Grind and bumped

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Soon after my last post I got the shits with Grindr and deleted it from my phone. After using it for a week to try and arrange a hookup that Master M was to watch, I was utterly sick of the type of interactions the app lends its self to and also rather conscious that like craving a sugar hit, there were all sorts of weird (fucked up?) neurological rewards pinging in my brain anytime I got a ‘hi’ or ‘nice pic’ from a guy. 

Thankfully (from the perspective of my cock and balls) Master has permitted occasional opportunities to cum, even though the overarching regime of chastity until I hookup outside remains in place. It’s just not going to happen via Grindr. 

There are far deeper lessons being learned around being controlled by my Master and about my relationship with sex which has become … fraught and somewhat angst-ridden. In part because any time I mention anything to do with sexual pleasure I get called a slut and have to submit to being bitten. Hard. In sensitive places. Where I’m already sporting bruises. As punishment. 

My initial default when Master first suggested this ‘reverse cuckold’ scene was to go for the kind of guys I’d always gone for in the past: tops. Asian tops to be more specific. But after Master pointed out that my interactions with one or two possible leads sounded decidedly slutty, I didn’t feel inclined to carry on with them. The other option I guess would be to find someone to invite over for a blow and go. Kind of almost get my own latent Dom energy going as I just kick back and get a blowjob. But that just didn’t appeal all that much either…or just seemed like hard work. Or at least harder work than remaining chaste. I also just don’t have much, if any,  desire right now for sex with anyone other than Master M – unless it’s someone of his choosing maybe. (Though preferably someone of his choosing who is also attractive!)

So for now, blue balls and cranky cock. Until Satudrday when we embark on a whole new regime of cum control. Stay tuned for MSter M’s next set of cruel teasing for me, his sub.

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