Dedication 14: Orgasms

My fourteenth dedication is to the way that Master M cums. He cums powerfully. He feels sex deeply and he REALLY feels orgasms.

Master’s orgasms come in different guises. There are the ones that are just all about sexual release. They are primarily physical; they are about releasing the build up in his balls into my ass. (aka his cumdump).

Then there are his power transfer orgasms that come after extensive domination, power and my surrender. These usually happen with his eyes locked on mine, his face inches from mine. I’m pinned down, possibly gagged or possibly with Master’s hands wrapped around my neck. Those power orgasms can have an almost sinister stillness and silence as a palpable power transfer takes place. Or they can be loud and expletive-ridden. The cum that Master deposits inside me during those powerful orgasms is being deposited into each and every cell of my body, marking me as his one and only prized Sub. Marking his territory.

Master’s love orgasms are spiritual. Our lovemaking is unlike any lovemaking I’ve ever experienced before. Our baseline vanilla is probably most people’s idea of mindblowing, once in a lifetime sex. It’s no less mindblowing for us, and no less mindblowing for the fact that every time we make love we both moan and shout when we cum. These love orgasms are close. They are connected. They are shared. The come with tight hugs. They can come with laughter and joy at the sheer beauty of the love we share.

I worship my Master’s orgasms. I’m so grateful for the orgasms he gives me.

~ by subgetsowned on 15/12/2013.

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