Reblog: Further Objectifying Thumper: Three more ways I love it when I hurt him.

I simply have to re-blog this. It is a beautifully written post on how a Dom whose blog I follow feels in scene space when he is hurting the man (and boyfriend) who subs for him.

It is spare, yet vivid writing. It is at once dispssionate but dripping with the intensity of scenespace. It is powerful.

It is where we go with our trusted kink partners.

The Drew Duality

Over the last few days since Thumper and I finished our first of what we hope will become an annual baseball trip, I have been reflecting about the fact that I really, really do love the way he sounds when I hurt him. So much so that I have listened to the recording of it that we briefly posted on Twitter multiple times and always, always have this giant smile on my face when I do it.

In fact, my love of this sound has evolved and now I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I have grown to not only love the way he sounds when I hurt him, but…

I love the way he feels when I hurt him:

When I am doing things to him he squirms, moves, and writhes in ways that I bet even he is surprised that he can do. That is…

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~ by subgetsowned on 25/06/2015.

One Response to “Reblog: Further Objectifying Thumper: Three more ways I love it when I hurt him.”

  1. Thank you for the reblog. I am honored.

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